Asexual plant propagation method. Standard pots may be used, but they waste a great deal of space and may not dry out rapidly enough for the seedling to have sufficient oxygen for proper development.

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Wound the lower side of the stem sections to be covered.

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Insert the scion with the longer cut against the wood.

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Divisions of some outdoor plants should be dusted with a fungicide before they are replanted.

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This method uses stock material with woody stems efficiently.

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Deocorative plants such as hybrid red Mussaenda and catus plants too are available as grafts.

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Surround the wound with wet unmilled sphagnum moss.

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Make a hole in the medium with a pencil or pot label, and insert the cutting deeply enough into the media to support itself.

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Store cutting about 3 weeks in moist sawdust, peat moss, or sand at 40 degrees F.

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Most refrigerators operate in this range.