Petition for relief of sex offender registry oregon. The Board will make a final decision by reviewing the documents relied upon for the hearing, any relevant testimony at the hearing and all timely submitted relevant materials.

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We need to let people have the right to work, study and live their lives.

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By policy, sex offenders are not eligible for pardon.

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Not available for predatory sex offenders.

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Termination after minimum federal period:

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Level 1 offenders:

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Petitions for reclassification disqualifiers:

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Relief from sex offender registration?

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Juvenile registration terminates at 17 years or until jurisdiction of juvenile court is terminated.

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Offenders of any tier may petition for exemption from community safety zone restrictions only after 10 years.

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Are you sure you would like to leave?

Bureau of Investigation for termination after 10 years if victim was not 12 or younger.