Safe sex campaign singapore. Mothers Day.

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We hope this campaign reaches young people and encourages them talk openly about sex and to make healthy choices in regard to their sexual and reproductive health.

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In addition, the Face of Global Sex Report compiled by Durex states that the average age of first sex education received in Singapore is

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There are a few healthy habits you can practice to help protect yourself.

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Rather, give them time to reflect on their thoughts and feelings.

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Other STIs, such as gonorrhoea and syphilis, can be treated and cured through medication.

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This may give you an idea about how accepting they will be.

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Be faithful and you will find yourself staying HIV-free.

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If you choose not to abstain from having sex, then you should always practise safe sex.

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HIV is mainly transmitted by the exchanging of body fluids such as blood, pre-seminal fluids, semen and vaginal fluids.

Do not keep condoms in wallets and bag compartments where they may be damaged by sharp objects like keys.

You will not be able to earn points if you do not setup your Healthpoints account.