Safe sex womens cycle. There are also apps to help you track as well.

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Ovulation occurs when a mature egg is released from an ovary.

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This app is super useful for tracking periods, and has given me mostly accurate predictions so far!

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You might have a chance to contract sexually transmitted diseases, so, use contraception.

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Once inserted, a hormonal IUD is

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Unfortunately, our prices don't include local taxes, duties, brokerage fees, and VATs, all the stuff you may be charged to receive your THINX shipment at home.

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However, the calculation is only valid for women who have a cycle of 28 days.

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The luteal phase lasts from 10 to 16 days with the average being 14 days.

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The day of ovulation is different from woman to woman.

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Make the most of your safe days to ensure a healthy sex life, which is sure to bring you and your partner closer.