Sex hot in bed. Slap each other, claw each other, tear clothes off or bite each other until it hurts.

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You may be used to getting into bed naked or in something minimal and unsexy.

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Society may frown on you or embarrass you if you talk about anything beyond the missionary position in bed.

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If sex is a falling-asleep ritual, change the timings.

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Just grinding against each other in the crowd would give you a sexual high.

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But looking good in bed is actually more important than looking good while stepping out of the house.

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Dress sexy and smell great when you slip into the sheets.

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Using toys in bed is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

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How to dirty talk — dirty talking examples ] [Read:

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It may be dirty, perverse, or may even involve someone else.

And the once-a-fortnight hour both of you dedicate to sex will turn into something a lot wilder, and a lot more frequent!

Sex opens up our minds and coaxes us to shed our inhibitions.