Sex on beach in maui. A place where the water is warm and clear, the beaches beg for nudity and the trade winds come at just the right time to blow sultry breezes into open-air hotel rooms.

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The tracks left from the very spot where I had laid and ran off into the underbrush.

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But I had no food and this fish came up repeatedly.

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Needless to say I was not expecting the caress of a lover while swimming by myself and it did give me quite a start.

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Leptospirosis is not spread from person to person" Report inappropriate content.

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Not that I ever stopped thinking and planning.

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After my first visit I was sure I wanted to live there.

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There was a small clearing and some soft grass.

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Moving toward shore I was surprised to find a young man near me in the surf.

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I meant the bongos, you deviant.

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One fish in particular caught my attention.