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So for other people to think what we think is so funny is funny, it's just more fun as a group.

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And the sense of humor on Viceland is a little bit out there, a little bit left of center and very niche, I think we just fit what they were looking for.

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Now the incorrect thing was that it didn't necessarily take a lot of audience members away from the local girls.

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But no, I lived to tell the tale, and now they have to be tortured by it.

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I think you can come to us to talk to you about how to pull Legos out of your vacuum cleaner, you know?

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Your wig will be snatched by the attention to detail, the money!

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Have there ever been, or do you think there ever will be, any topics that you guys would want to take a step back from and not talk about?

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Lightspeed girls necessity to wake up and do many updates.

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Like, I love that drag is a way for people to vacation in the gay nightlife, but

That's where we come in.