Worst movie sex scenes. Where to stream The Return of the Swamp Thing.

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The actress has starred in one of the all-time greatest film trilogies, Back to the Future, and landed her own four-season sitcom Caroline In The City.

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All in all it is a very bizarre scene and for some reason it makes me want to eat gazpacho every time I watch it.

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And, don't forget about the whipped cream bikini that Ali Larter sports in Varsity Blues.

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If The Shape of Water proves that you can make a creature and lady hook-up seem genuinely moving and sweet, The Return of the Swamp Thing shows all the ways you can mess it up.

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Hair-pulling, choking, slapping, power-play, the whole Rough Sex playbook gets a workout in a thoroughly dumb if athletic, and committed ancient Grecian boot-knock.

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But the best selections of this sub-genre are almost always the scenes that started out with genuine intentions but fell miserably flat.

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The sequence is disorienting and amazing, with sexiness to spare.